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Security Tips

Designing Effective Security

As we all know, there is nothing straightforward about security but before we wish to install security devices or upgrade out alarm system we should give the matter some serious thought. Better still call an expert who could give advice thus not only saving money but also pointing out what PROTECTION YOU REALLY NEED!

Things to consider when installing security:

1. We shall start off discussing the electric fence:

Electric fencing is an expensive exercise so you need to investigate all aspects before you call for a quote. Do you require a full fence or just a top section of the boundary wall? Where there is existing fencing make sure it is possible to erect a fence behind this fence. Also bear in mind that a strong robust gate is essential as it forms an integral part of your security system.

2. Next are the external beams:

A very effective early warning system indeed, but again a thorough investigation is needed as to the type of beam required in that specific application. It is essential that professional advice be obtained to avoid false alarms and problems.

3. House protection:

What type of alarm system do you wish to install and how many zones would you require? The first consideration must be the domestic animals as the pets have a direct bearing as to what passives must be used. Next, consider what type of roof you have. Tiles can be lifted so the ceiling area must be protected. Thatch? Will you need a smoke detector? Again, whether you are installing a new alarm system or wanting to upgrade, call in an expert for advise and never forget place the quality factor above price as you are purchasing protection for you family. Dogs and good outdoor lighting are a major deterrent. It is generally considered that small dogs should be kept indoors at night as they are very alert and are a good early warning system.

Prevention is better than cure

Every residence in South Africa, whether in a 'Secure Complex' or not is a target for crime. How do you look at your individual security will make the difference between minimal or extreme loss. The more you invest in your personal security, both physical and electronic will certainly reduce your risk. All barriers and detection platforms will not prevent a potential burglary/attack, but will minimize and or reduce the amount of loss.

It is critically important to identify and work on achieving a best solution. The loss and trauma after an incident has far greater implications than a few thousand rand well spent. The trauma is long felt after the devastation is over. A tiered approach to your security is the answer.

1. Firstly and most importantly is your perimeter. If you have over grown entrances and gardens or high walls no one can see over or through, will only help criminal elements to do their deed without being noticed. Keep your entrances clean, your gardens around the home or business as open as possible. Perimeter lighting must be installed and must be controlled via day/night sensors as they adjust their switching on and off of lights irrespective of the time of year.

2. If you have automated gates, call your service provider in to see if you have secured the electronics and the gate from tampering. It is easy to open an automatic gate if the electronics have not been secured. This will allow a car to enter or leave the property.

3. Always be observant about cars or vagrants when leaving or entering your property.

4. Make a safe area within your premises, so that if an attack does indeed occur, you have a secure area to lock yourself into until help arrives. A solid door and pedestrian gate should be installed closing off the 'Secure Area'. A good quality lock must be installed on the door. After all once you pull down the handle of any door you are only secured by 1 inch of brass. All external doors must have high security locks and a method of internal locking besides the standard lock.

5. Last but not least without an Armed Response Service you leave yourself, family and business exposed. Today you cannot expect a neighbour or friend to put their life in danger. Most criminals are armed nowadays and will not hesitate to use force. You need an professional and armed response to keep you and your property safe.